Suggested Products

  • Fantastik
  • Windex Glass & Surface
  • S.O.S. pads
  • Top Job
  • Mr. Clean
  • Ajax or Comet
  • Tilex
  • The Works Bathroom Cleaner
  • The Works Toilet Cleaner

General Items

  • All mini-blinds must be completely clean and undamaged.
  • Clean all doors on both sides, including closets. Fingerprints wipe off easily.
  • Wash/wipe down all closet and pantry shelves.
  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpeting.
  • Wash/wipe down all light fixtures to remove dust and bugs.
  • Clean all fingerprints/grime from walls, doors and light switches.
  • All light bulbs should be working and must match within the same light fixture.
  • Do not leave any of your personal belongings or trash in the apartment. Removal by our staff will result in additional charges. Regardless of how small or insignificant the item(s) may be.
  • Do NOT use bleach of any kind.


  • Remove all nails, tacks, and any sticky substances. Any large holes larger then a nail size should be filled in with spackle.


  • Vacuum floor and wipe down shelving in closets.


  • Wash interiors of all windows with Windex or a similar product.
  • Wipe down the top (locks) and tracks of all windows. Also, wipe down all windowsills.
  • Wash blinds as necessary, most are merely dusty and can be easily cleaned with a dry paper towel or vacuum.


  • Wash inside and outside of vanity cabinet. Wipe or scrub all drawers and cabinets, and wipe off countertops.
  • Clean the mirror with Windex or similar product.
  • Thoroughly scrub all ceramic tile walls above and around the bathtub. Use a product such as Tilex or The Works Bathroom Cleaner to clean the grout as well as the tiles. You may have to clean the tiles around the soap dish several times to get them to shine and be free of soap film. Scour the bottom and sides of the tub with Ajax until all dirt and soap residue is gone. Don’t forget to scour the soap dish and temperature knobs also. When you are done, we suggest drying the walls of the shower as well with a paper towel to ensure that there are no streaks left from your cleaner. Some cleaners will dry and leave a film, which will result in a charge to you and a re-clean by our staff to ensure that it is streak free.
  • Clean vanity sink including the faucet (sometimes a toothbrush must be used around the knobs to get them completely clean).
  • Clean toilet bowl and tank. Make sure the exterior of the toilet, lid and bowl are clean, as well as the underneath side of the rim on the bowl. Pay special attention to the toilet base.
  • Sweep and mop the bathroom floor (please review the advice provided under Kitchen Floor above).

Kitchen – Sink

  • Kitchen sinks should be scrubbed and free of water spots, stains or soap film. Soft Scrub is a great product to use for this.
  • Make sure the kitchen faucet is clean, paying special attention to the area around the faucet knobs.
  • Make sure the garbage disposal is free of all food/objects.

Kitchen – Floor

  • Sweep the floor to remove all dirt and debris.
  • If the floors have been cleaned on a regular basis, a disinfecting cleaner should be all you need to mop the floors. DO NOT APPLY ANY TYPE OF FLOOR WAX!

Kitchen – Dishwasher

  • Thoroughly clean inside and out and around the edges, especially the door. Iron Out is a product that will remove any orange staining you have due to iron in the water.
  • Clean out any glass or plastic in the bottom of the dishwasher and around the spray arm.

Kitchen – Cabinets & Countertops

  • Cabinet interior and drawers should be free of shelf lining, crumbs and dust.
  • All cabinet doors should be wiped down to remove water spots and food drips or spills.
  • Wipe off all countertops.
  • Clean the tops of the cabinets (people often forget items they have stored up there!)