Security Deposit Refunds

Your final account and security deposit statement will be mailed to you within 30 days from the day your apartment lease has ended and the property has been vacated by all Lessees.

The security deposit statement will be issued to the person designated on your lease. That person is then responsible for distributing out the deposit to the other people on the lease.

If you have questions or concerns about your final statement and security deposit refund you must contact us in writing. This policy allows us to gather information regarding your questions so that we may review the pictures and checklist with your letter, thoroughly and completely.

Can I move in earlier than what it says in my Lease? What if I pay extra?

The only guaranteed date for move in is the one that is stated in the Lease. It is highly recommended that you plan accordingly for this date. We have a multitude of properties that we are cleaning and painting during our “turnover” period. In the event that your apartment becomes available before this Lease start date, we will contact the tenant via email and/or by phone. Payment for extra days will not speed up the turnover process. In order to provide you with optimal, clean housing we must be diligent through this turnover process.

What do I need to know when moving out?

We hope you have enjoyed your stay here at Westgate. We hope that you will think of us again in the future should your housing need change.

It is crucial you have your apartment repaired/cleaned and your keys turned in on time in order to avoid additional fees. If you move out early, you may turn in your keys at that time (you are still responsible for rent and utility payments through the end of your lease agreement). On the day your lease expires, you must be moved out and have all keys turned in to the Office or Gatehouse no later than 12 PM.

You can schedule the final walkthrough ahead of your move out if you would prefer to be there. Appointments for inspection are made by calling the Westgate Leasing Office at least 24 hours in advance. They can be scheduled Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Keys, Laundry Card’s, Car Tags, and Pool Tags are to be returned to the Westgate Office at time of the move out.

Replacement Locks: $35
Replacement Keys: $5

There will also be a $5.00 charge for each item(laundry card, car tag, and pool tags) that are not returned at the time of vacating.

Make sure you check your mailbox one last time before you leave, Also, supply a correct forwarding address with the post office! We recommend putting your forwarding request in two weeks ahead of your movement. Once you move out we do not have access to the mailboxes.

What do I need to know when moving in?

You will pick up your keys and move-in packet at our office from 9 AM โ€“ 5:30 PM. If all fees have been pre-paid and proof of utilities turned on in your name, you can pick up your move-in items from our gatehouse after 5:30. The security deposit and pro-rated first months rent is due at key pick up. You may pay your rent with checks or money orders, or online with e-checks or credit/debit cards (fees may apply). Prior to moving in, you will want to ensure that you call to set up your utilities. Please call the utility companies at least one week prior to move in. Trash, water and sewer are provided by Westgate Apartments.

Electric & Gas

  • Ameren Illinois: 800-755-5000


  • Comcast: 800-266-2278 or 1-866-594-1234
  • ATT: 800-288-7057


  • Comcast: 800-266-2278
  • AT&T Uverse: 800-288-2020

United States Post office

Vehicle Towing

  • Reynolds Towing: 217-337-0913

Apartment Showing Appointments

To view an apartment, prospective residents may schedule an appointment by calling our office at 217-359-5330 or emailing us at Leasing at Westgate shows apartments from 9 AM โ€“ 5:30 PM Monday-Friday and 10 AM โ€“ 4 PM on Saturdays.

Lease Applications: The fee is $20.00 and can be submitted online at or at our office.

Call today to set up your personal viewing at 217-359-5330.