Kitchen – Refrigerator

  • Wash all inside and outside surfaces. If the door handles appear dirty, Ajax is a perfect product for removing the dirt that will not easily wipe off.
  • Don’t forget the crisper cover and drawers (inside and underneath). If the crisper cover is cracked or broken, it will have to be replaced.
  • Clean all drawers, compartments and shelves.
  • Clean the exterior of the refrigerator top, sides and and door.

Kitchen – Stove

  • Thoroughly clean exterior of oven.
  • Use oven cleaner to clean oven interior. Easy-Off Fume Free is an easy and odorless product that works well. Make sure to clean racks also. You must ensure all oven clean cleaner residue is removed.
  • Remove oven drawer, clean the drawer and sweep out from underneath the drawer.
  • Make sure vent hood is cleaned.
  • Make sure broiler pan is completely clean and placed in the stove drawer. Oven cleaner works well on the broiler pan.
  • Clean drip pans and under them.
  • Clean walls, cabinets and floor under and around stove.
  • You must raise the stove top and cleaned under the burners.
  • If the stove has been used, cleaning it takes a lot of time to do properly. To make it easier we recommend spraying the stove with oven cleaner the night before and let it set overnight.

Living Room

  • Vacuum floor.
  • Shampooed if excessively dirty.
  • Clean blinds and windows.
  • Walls and Baseboards are to be cleaned.


  • Thoroughly clean (sweep and mop) entry tile floor.