What do I do if some of my outlets or lights are not working?

Every apartment has its own breaker box. In the one bedrooms it is in the pantry closet at the side of the kitchen. In the two bedroom apartments it is in the water heater closet. In the Williamsburg apartments it is in the locked room in the hallway, you will have to give the Office a call or if it is after hours you will need to call the gatehouse.

Once you locate the breaker box, open the cover and notice that it looks like several light switches. Feel each switch to make sure that it’s firmly in on the ON position. Once a breaker is tripped it will feel loose. Flip the switch to the OFF and then ON. This will reset the breaker and power should be restored. If the breaker won’t reset, you probably have too many things plugged into an outlet. If this occurs try unplugging everything from that outlet. If that does not work, please let the Office know.