What do I need to know when moving in?

You will pick up your keys and move-in packet at our office from 9 AM – 5:30 PM. If all fees have been pre-paid and proof of utilities turned on in your name, you can pick up your move-in items from our gatehouse after 5:30. The security deposit and pro-rated first months rent is due at key pick up. You may pay your rent with checks or money orders, or online with e-checks or credit/debit cards (fees may apply). Prior to moving in, you will want to ensure that you call to set up your utilities. Please call the utility companies at least one week prior to move in. Trash, water and sewer are provided by Westgate Apartments.

Electric & Gas

  • Ameren Illinois: 800-755-5000


  • Comcast: 800-266-2278 or 1-866-594-1234
  • ATT: 800-288-7057


  • Comcast: 800-266-2278
  • AT&T Uverse: 800-288-2020

United States Post office

Vehicle Towing

  • Reynolds Towing: 217-337-0913